Hermetic Magick Symbols in Flashing Colors with Booklet 2nd Edition

Hermetic Magick Symbols come alive in this one of a kind deck. Deck features all regularly used symbols in Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Magic; Elemental, Planetary, Zodiacal, Hebrew, Alchemical, and Geomantic Symbols. All in Golden Dawn Flashing Colors! Great for meditation, divination, initiation, ritual, ceremony and scrying in spirit vision or astral projection. Truly a one of a kind deck.

Complete Magician's Deck 2nd ed.

  • This deck is custom printed by the manufacture on demand and may take a few weeks for delivery.  An estimated delivery date will be emailed upon purchase.  Due to the custom nature of the deck, no returns or refunds will be processed before the expected delivery date or after delivery.

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