Turn back Time in your Mind: A Mindful Meditation.

A mindful meditation and mental recall spell by Drogo Empedocles

Ritual components for this exercise are: mug wort, sage, thyme, along with antiques, personal artifacts, a talisman; nostalgic music, and a lit candle. To activate the spell and perform the ritual take up a comfortable position in a darkened room where you will be undisturbed for at least a half an hour. Put on the music, light the candle, smell the herbs, take up rhythmic breathing and a meditative state, and then recite the below poem.

Turn Back Time In Your Mind

You can turn back time,

the kind that’s in your mind;

remember back to when you were happy,

loving nostalgia is not just sappy.

feel the feelings, desire the emotion

memory is like a magic potion

find how the actions affect your mind

relive the experience in your own time.

Walk down the steps in the sunshine

sleep in the hammock under the pine

sit on the dock in the moonlight

meditate until your mind feels right.


Drogo is an Appalachian author, poet, and song writer.

Drogo Empedocles’ books and written work can be found on Google Sites SCOD at this hyperlink: Click Here

Drogo’s music can be found on Audiomack: Click Here.


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