The Importance of Invoking the Highest.

An address to the HOGD,ORA by Lux In Silva

The Z2 formula is more specifically the same technique used in the Neophyte Ceremony. The circumambulatory theurgical formula is key in all magical operations through to the second or inner Rosicrucian Order. The power of the Z2 ceremonies lies in the astral/invisible Egyptian Godforms that oversee and give power to the rites. How do we reconcile the use of a polytheistic pantheon when as Rosicrucians and/or Hermeticists we profess and worship the One most High? Like Angels or the 99 names of God given by Solomon, the demi-gods and Deities of various mythologies are assigned individual aspects of the One true God. Even if an individual strove to not assign a form to the one supreme God, the visualization of a formless God is still a reflection of an entity and majesty that cannot be fathomed by human consciousness. Therefore, in theurgy we create astral visualizations along with vibrations of power to ascribe a likeness to specific aspects of the Divine. Through this empowered likeness is the specific living aspect of Divinity attracted and made present to the practitioner.

It is true, any twit can do magic. Paracelsus can be paraphrased as saying that the human imagination is capable of producing anything into a material existence. There are many pop culture cults and self-help / feel good organizations that pander imagination meditations to the populace for the granting of wealth, lustful pursuits or powers of authority. Convinced of positive coincidence or dismayed by lack of result, they are all deceived by illusion and false puffery generated, packaged and sold by the least of our kind and fueled by the astral shells and parasites of degenerative base entities. Likewise, the practitioner that employs the Golden Dawn rituals, visualizations, and vibrations of power without having undergone some inner development and/or does not ascribe and ascend to the highest Divine source will experience the empowerment of a distorted and maligned phantom experience generated by their own Ruach or mental construct. It is for this reason that the Golden Dawn initiate, and Rosicrucian Adept must invoke the highest Divine before, during and after all ritual. The Z2 ritual construct accomplishes this by progressively unveiling the matter of the work into the light and power and glory of the supreme Divine. The light and power of the Highest Divine is the substance that differentiates between the magical coincidence and the wonderfully miraculous. Indeed, physical manifestations of light and sound and the physical presence of an astral entity were once requirements for any initiate to produce in front of their teachers and elders of the Order before being able to advance to the next grade.

May the odds be ever in your favor,

Lux in Silva


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