Spring Cleaning: Removing Negative Energy from your home.

The arrival of Spring and the New Moon on the 5th provide us with an awesome opportunity to cleanse and remove unwanted negative or stale energy from our homes. The following bullet points are some helpful and easy to do suggestions gathered from various sources. Here’s hoping your April brings fresh and clean new beginnings.

1. Start with actual “Spring Cleaning” thoroughly dusting, wiping down walls, and scrubbing the floors will go a long way in removing the negative dross from your home.

2. Sage – Burning Sage has been clinically shown to disinfect the air in the area it has been burned. To Cheech your house up with Sage it is recommended that you open all the windows and doors to the outside. Start smudging or smoking the house starting at the back door and move clockwise along the walls till you reach the door again. (Some may suggest moving widdershins or counterclockwise as this is the traditional banishing motion in ritual.).

3. Spritz the home with a water-based purification concoction. This could be a water, lemon, and salt combo or for those who are more into traditional herbs; hyssop, sage, and rosemary water work wonders.

4. Display your crystals – Selenite and Himalayan Salt crystals throughout the home will absorb negative dross and refresh the energy in the home.


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