Spirit of the month for April: Asmodel

According to Francis Barrett’s “The Magus” the Archangel presiding over the month of April and the Zodiacal sign of Taurus is Asmodel. The angel is not to be confused with Asmodeus, one of the demons of the Solomonic Goetia. Asmodel is visualized as dressed in a Red Orange robe trimmed in Green and carrying a lantern.

Asmodel rules over calm and patience. An invocation to this angel may bring about peace and calm tempers. Asmodel can bring an understanding in Astrology and can assist in magick bringing about superiority over others. Invocations to Asmodel would best be performed this month on the 19th-20th. The Moon will be Full in Libra starting on the 19th and the Sun will enter Taurus on the 20th.

A list of correspondences to Asmodel:

· Order of Angels: Cherubim

· Sephiroth – Chesed the 16th path of ascendency.

· Divine Name – Olam

· Biblical Verse – Psalm 34

· Zodiacal Sign - Taurus

· Month – April

· Tarot – The Hierophant

· Hebrew Letter - Vav

· Color: Red Orange / Green

· Stone - Lapis Lazuli / Sard / Jade

· Fragrance – Patchouli

*Pictured above is the Lamen of Asmodel.


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