Spirit Conjuring: Archangel Michael

Staff article

Lamen of the Archangel Michael

Michael ranks as the greatest angel in all three of the major monotheisms, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. His name, meaning “who is as God,” derives originally from the Chaldeans (Mesopotamians), by whom he was worshiped as a deity. In Islam he is called Mikhail. He is traditionally considered to be chief of the order of virtues; chief of archangels; prince of the presence; angel of repentance, righteousness, mercy, and sanctification; and ruler of the fourth heaven, conqueror of Satan.

A list of correspondences to Michael:

· Order of Angels: Ben Elohim

· Sephiroth – Hod.

· Divine Name – Elohim Tzaboth

· Biblical Verse – Psalm 91

· Zodiacal Sign - Leo

· Month – July

· Tarot – The Sun

· Hebrew Letter - Resh

· Color: Gold

· Stone - Topaz

· Fragrance – Frankincense


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