Spirit Conjuring: Archangel Ambriel


Lamen of Ambriel

According to Francis Barrett’s “The Magus” the Archangel presiding over the month of May and the Zodiacal sign of Gemini is Ambriel. Ambriel rules over clarity and focus. An invocation to this angel may bring about insight and understanding. Ambriel can assist in banishments and in exorcisms. Ambriel can aid a magician in gaining access to the Shekinah or Divine White Brilliance of the Holy Spirit as well as in developing psychic abilities.

A list of correspondences to Ambriel:

· Order of Angels: Aralim

· Sephiroth – Tiphareth to Binah the 17th path of personal power.

· Divine Name – Elohim

· Biblical Verse – Psalm 104

· Zodiacal Sign - Gemini

· Month – May

· Tarot – The Chariot

· Hebrew Letter - Zain

· Color: Orange

· Stone - Alexandrite

· Fragrance – Lavender


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