Soul Purpose

An Article by Rev. Judi A. Lynch

Our souls are so unique in every way, our experiences so vast and varied, our purposes known and unknown. Sometimes we find ourselves crashing into each other in a big sea of confusion. Some souls know when they are children just exactly what they’re doing and why they came here and who they came here to be. Some of those children say what they have to say, be it through art or poetry or courage to battle a devastating disease, and then they are quickly gone from this world. They can leave behind a legacy of hope and inspiration for thousands of people. Other souls go through life searching for their purpose through a sea of grayness, peering through a curtain at everything going on around them, wondering what else is out there but not knowing how to find it.

Some souls do find themselves awakening later in life when they finally get away from the attitudes and the programming that has been hounding away at them for years. When they are finally able to strip away the religious programming, judgment, peer pressure, childhood traumas, they realize that they are the only ones who can decide what they believe in. Everyone has their own journey to conduct, that is when they start to awaken. It’s the same principle if you surround yourself with people who are very gray and even dark hearted in their souls, then you can start to believe the way that they do and forget why you came here and what you came to do. Just like the negative energy swirling around some people, there are physical places where the negative energy can wrap around people like a shawl. It is a true miracle when someone is able to break through a sea of grayness to see and feel this incredible healing light but there is no question that it happens.

Some people think that once they reach a certain age that things are set for them. Nothing could be further from the truth. If they know in their hearts and souls that they are still looking for their purpose, if they still think there is more to do, then there always is. By opening up your mind to all the possibilities you might have only imagined as a child, you are opening up your heart to be able to give unconditional love. That process can only help to open up the psychic channels you need to keep your own soul from turning gray. Know when to back away from the souls who will only suck your good intentions out the window. They can be people you have known for years.

If that means changing your life situations to find your joy and live your purpose, then pray for the courage to make the changes you need to live you life the way you came here to live it. No matter what anyone else thinks, or believes, or says. You have to be true to what is true to your very soul. No matter if you are 25 or 75, you have the ability to find that inner joy, to feel God’s healing light, to tap into the energy source, the creator…whatever name is right for your soul. Your soul is ageless compared to this short lifetime here on earth and you will want the knowledge you came here for this time.

There have been great thinkers, artists, writers and inventors who have discovered miraculous talents and formulas to heal the sick…created symphonies to sooth the soul no matter their ages or their physical or mental limitations. These people have felt that energy and were so connected to the source that no one or nothing could have stopped them from making awesome contributions to mankind.

Remember that if you are determined to be on your path and find your joy that you can use the same principles. No matter what you were taught, what you used to believe, how old you are…it is never too late to heal, to find your purpose and to feel that joy . When you do that, your light shines on other good souls who have been peeking through that curtain of gray themselves.

Author Bio : Rev. Judi Lynch is the President and Founder of The Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc. A non-profit charity dedicated to healing mind, body and soul. Judi is an internationally known psychic medium and Healing Light Energy channel. The Crystal Healing Foundation supports the Crystal Healing and Spiritual Center in North Alabama. http://www.crystalhealingspiritualcenter.com


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