Charms and Prayers from Hermann Gol-lancz’s “Book of Protection”.

Compiled by Scott Lowther

The Book of Protection by Hermann Gollancz is his interpreted collection of prayers and charms from two Syriac manuscripts that were first brought to the attention of the public in 1897 at the International Congress of Orientalists. The few prayers and incantations that follow are choice selected for our monthly. It is my sincere hope that you will see the value in the historic passages and that it may lead you to further research and discovery.

Binding the Evil Apparition.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. My brother Moses — the servant of God — was tending the sheep between seven hills, and there met him three evil forms: one was an evil man, (the other) an evil wolf, and (the third) an evil lion.

In the name of the Father, may the evil man be bound by me; in the name of the Son, may the evil wolf be bound by me; in the name or the Holy Ghost, may the evil lion be bound by me, so that they may not approach the person, nor the house of him who beareth these writs, through the prayer of the Virgin Mary. Amen!

For Reconciliation in the Household.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Christ, the Peace of those above, and the great Rest of those below! O my Lord, suffer thy peace to dwell among this household of those who worship Thee: may they be in peace and harmony with each other; as the line in the soil is to the husbandman, as the servant is to the master, and as the maid is to the mistress, so may the members of the household of the one who bears these writs be rendered subservient, through the prayer of all the martyrs and saints of our Lord. Amen!

Binding False Dreams.

In the name or the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost: and by the name I Am That I Am, Almighty God, Adonai, Lord of Hosts; and by the name or Christopher, and by the name or Rabban Hurmizd, and or Mar Pityon, I bind, anathematize, expel and extirpate those evil dreams and all the phantasy or demons that comes at night and by day from wicked demons and from false dreams, [I expel them] from the chambers or the one who carries these writs. As thou didst expel the Legion from the man that dwelt in the tombs, so may there be distanced and expelled from the one who bears this charm all evil dreams and startling visions, excitements and anxieties, heaviness and discharge, weeping and worrying, dreams evil and false. Amen!

For favor in the sight of all men.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. As God loved Solomon, and he subjected the rebellious devils by his ring; and as God loved Moses, and divided the Red Sea before him: and as God loved Joseph, and made him, in place of a servant, lord over all Egypt, so, O Lord, God of Hosts, cast the flame [fire] of benevolence towards the bearer of these writs into the heart o£ rulers, judges, prefects, chiefs, officers, and commanders. I bind and bridle their mouths and tongues by the power of Elijah the Prophet, by which he bound the heavens three years and six months, so that no rain came down upon the earth; and by the name. I Am That I Am, Almighty God, Adonai, Lord of Hosts. Amen!

Binding Sorcerers.

Confound them, Harshael, Gabriel, and Azrael! Silence (lit. 'make dumb') the hearts and thoughts of wicked men, and evil rulers and oppressors, from off the one who bears this charm. In the name of Tumael stop their lips with something bad and horrid (when) with the one who bears this charm, through the prayer of my Lady, the blessed Mary. Amen!


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