About the Artist: Vanessa Espinosa

Hailing from the New York City / New Jersey area is this month’s feature cover artist, Vanessa Espinosa. Creating art since she was a toddler, Vanessa followed her passion to create and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from The School of Visual Arts in New York City. Vanessa is a Hermeticist in the purest sense. When asked to describe her passion and motivation for creating such stunning works like the one featured on our cover Vanessa’s response is reminiscent of the Hermetic Philosophy found in Poimandres, “Our soul’s purpose is to create/co-create the life we want to live. Art in all forms is a great power. One of our great purposes here is to share our creation to inspire each other by sharing our gifts as creators to create heaven on earth. My passion is life and the journey to higher worlds and self-mastery so I can be of better service.” She continues, “The great purpose of my art is to awaken the Ancient Wisdom within each one of us, our Divinity. Four years ago, I awakened and Hermeticism came into my life and has guided me in this journey. It has been a great inspiration in my art and life. This Thomas Merton quote sums it all up, “Today the artist has inherited the combined functions of hermit, pilgrim, prophet, priest, shaman, sorcerer, soothsayer, alchemist.”

The Hermetic Society of Appalachia is truly blessed to have Ms. Espinosa’s art grace our cover. If you would like to learn more about Vanessa and find her art online, please see the following links below:

Vanessa’s website: www.vanessaespinosa.art

Vanessa’s Instragram: @vanessa.artist & @va.nessa.e

If you are interested in contacting Vanessa for a commissioned piece or a print, visit her website above and message her for more details.


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